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Curriculum: Week of May 20, 2012

What’s Happening:

  • Have an iPad app recommendation for the AIS teacher/student iPads? Use the link in the left-hand column iPads @ AIS to find the procedures and online form to make your request.
  • The 4th round of apps are (and have been) available for AIS teacher iPads. Returning teachers, be sure to update iPad so that you have a variety of apps available to you during the summer break.

Do you have something you’d like to share that is happening in your classroom? How are you using iPads to extend learning in your classroom? How are you making curriculum come alive for your students? Please let me know so that I can share what is happening and provide you the support you need for success.

21st Century Thought of the Week:

What’s your plan, Stan?

All rights reserved by Bill Van Loo

Ah, Summer Vacation! The months that teachers allegedly live for. In the education profession we are truly blessed with some amazing down time. After the first few weeks days, I find myself a little lost without the normal routine of a busy and rewarding work day. So, like many educators, I take the gift of time to ride my bike, visit with family and friends, hang out at the beach or the pool, and work towards accomplishing some of my professional development goals.

There are so many opportunities to grow professionally during the summer months. It could be as intense (and expensive) as a university course to move you closer to that graduate degree or additional teaching endorsement, or it could be as laid-back as reading the novels on your upcoming syllabus and spending some time reading a scholarly article or two about the author.

The internet provides each of us with the ability to create our own personal learning plan. Here are some ideas to  get you thinking…

  • ed2go offers lifelong learning and career training courses. I took a great course called “Classroom Podcasting” a couple of summers ago. It was asynchronous (meaning there were no time and place constraints) and was flexible enough to fit into my summer schedule.Ed2go offers numerous course selections listed under Teaching and Education Courses. Cost is $139 for a 6 week course that includes 12 lessons.
  • Create your own program of study using YouTube videos and/or educational blogs. A Google search of your area of interest will get you started.
  • TED offers TED talks that are truly “ideas worth spreading.” Have you heard of the new TED-Ed? This service allows you to view (and create!) “lessons worth sharing.” The “flip this video” button allows you to turn any TED video into a customized lesson that can be assigned to students or shared more widely. You can add context, questions, and follow-up suggestions.
  • Attend a professional conference. They are all over North America and offer great opportunities to connect with teachers from many of our home regions. It is becoming more and more common that conferences will live stream sessions that are free to attend virtually. Also, following the conference hashtag (#) via Twitteris another way to glean ideas and find some great resources. (Of course, this only makes sense if you know about Twitter hashtags.)
    • ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) Conference in St. Louis, Missouri; July 1 -3, 2012.
    • BLC12 (Building Learning Communities 2012) focused on expanding the boundaries of learning in Boston, Massachusetts; July 18 – 20, 2012.
    • CMI12  (Curriculum Mapping Institute 2012) in Saratoga Springs, New York; July 10 – 14, 2012.
    • iste 2012 (International Society for Technology in Education) is the largest educational tech conference in the world with some 15,000 participants in San Diego, California; June 24 – 27, 2012.
  • Online conferencesare another option.
    • LearnNowBC offers free Moodle Meets, one week online courses, or “Professional Learning Potlucks”, led by experienced educators. Moodle Meet topics focus on the resources and skills needed to use technology in the classroom as well as on the skills needed to teach and learn in a virtual environment.
  • Catch a Classroom 2.0 LIVE Webinar. Either live or recorded.
  • Join and explore a NING.
  • Subscribe to a professional newsletter via email.
    • Education Week offers education news and insight
    • eSchool News offers up “technology news for today’s K – 20 educator.”
    • Edutopia for what works in education produced by The George Lucas Educational Foundation
    • the Journal Transforming Education Through Technology

Please share your summer learning plan in the comment section!

Article(s) of the Week:

When people say that the iPad is not a creation tool, it’s mostly because those of us who write this stuff are coming from the perspective of the experienced, advanced desktop/laptop user. Based on that, everything mobile is a disappointment. What is more, I’ve noticed a trend that those who point out its lack of creative potential have often never used it for creative endeavours themselves.

App of the Week:

I am obviously in an app rut, using the same apps over and over. Any suggestions?

Video of the Week:

Another example of what can be done with easy-to-use digital tools:

Zero to twelve years old in under three minutes

Blog of the Week:

I love Mashable! It’s my favorite place to go for information on social media and technology.

Mashable is the largest independent news source dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology. Mashable’s 20 million monthly unique visitors and 4 million social media followers have become one of the most engaged online news communities. Numerous studies and leading publications have declared Mashable the most influential online news outlet and a must-read site.

Infographic of the Week:


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