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The Learner Within: Week of August 23, 2015

 Welcome to a new year of learning at AIS Kuwait!

How will you grow, learn, and inquire this week?

Inquirers – Knowledgeable – Thinkers – Communicators – Principled – Open-Minded – Caring – Risk Takers – Balanced – Reflective

“To spark the love for passionate learning our students require, we need to know more about our subjects, and not just learning in general. We need to become what we want from our students, and wholeheartedly believe in what we teach, encouraging our students to possess the same passion. ”

Vergien, Michael. “Open Up a New World.” IB Magazine. March 2015.

How do we, as educators, take responsibility for our professional learning in order to be the best we can be for AIS students?


We show empathy, compassion, and respect. We have a commitment to service, and we act to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the world around us. (IBO. IB Learner Profile. Caring. 2013.)



How are you taking charge of your learning?

Set an objective for your learning this week!

 On the AIS Campus

COETAIL. The Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy is coming to the AIS Kuwait campus in October! COETAIL will challenge you professionally while expanding your network of international educators. Each course will include 3 weeks of online work and 14 hours of face-to-face work with a COETAIL instructor on the AIS campus. Find more details here. #risk-takers #communicators

AIS COETAIL project: Collaborative Writing. How can the use of technology lead to deeper learning? See one example of how this happened at AIS. COETAIL ’13 grad Christina Botbyl shares and reflects on a IBDP2 French ab initio unit. See how online collaboration is leveraged to redefine student learning. #risk-takers #reflective

The final project is conducted during Course 5 (Alive in the Classroom: Applied Web 2.0 Technology for Learning). The course focus is on the classroom application, and reflection on the use of web 2.0 technology in the classroom. Participants create a plan for the embedded use of technology to foster learning, share with the group and offer feedback on their cohorts’ embedded use of technology for learning.

In Kuwait

TESOL Kuwait. TESOL Kuwait is a professional organization for anyone involved in teaching non-native speakers of English. This membership organization is devoted to the professional development of its members most of whom are based in Kuwait and the Gulf region.  TESOL Kuwait is an official affiliate of TESOL International. #knowledgeable #communicators

tesol kwt

Outside of Kuwait

Eduro Learning. Eduro Learning believes that as technology continues to change both the way we learn and the way we think about learning. The power of relationships are more important than ever. #open-minded #communicators

NESA Weekend Training Institutes. NESA’s weekend training institutes are a fantastic place to spend your professional learning time and money! NESA’s Training Institute model is a cohort approach where participants choose one offering that will be their focus for the two-day experience. #inquirers #open-minded

NESA Spring Educators Conference. The Spring Educators Conference is a three-and-a-half-day conference for educators of all grades and disciplines, featuring keynotes, 4-hour workshops and multi-day offerings presented by specialist speakers, general interest sessions, and teacher-presented workshops. The 2016 NESA SEC will take place in Bangkok, Thailand April 1 – 4, 2016. #knowledgeable

Stimulating and Assessing Mathematical Thinking. AERO Common Core Plus Professional Development workshop for teachers of Mathematics, grades 8 – 12 with Erma Anderson. The workshop will focuse on the impact of the Mathematical Practices on daily instruction, and the necessary formative assessment protocols that will result in significant improvement in student learning. Find more details here: AERO Common Core Plus Professional Development OpportunityRegistration is FREE: REGISTRATION AERO CC Plus Math Workshop. #knowledgeable


  • #AISQ8chat. Did you know that AIS Kuwait hosts a weekly Twitter chat? Join us Tuesdays on Twitter for a slow chat when we discuss a wide variety of educational topics. These slow chats include #AISQ8 Twitter members as well as a wide variety of educators from various locations around the globe. How to participate details can be found here. Read more about school-wide Twitter chats here. #communicators #risk-takers
  • Eduro Learning. Eduro Learning believes that as technology continues to change both the way we learn and the way we think about learning. The power of relationships are more important than ever. #inquirers #risk-takers
  • Imagine Easy. Imagine Easy Solutions was founded in 2001 by two high school students, Neal and Darshan, to help students with their research and writing needs. Their first product,, has grown to be used by over 45 million students annually. Today, Imagine Easy has become a company synonymous with addressing the challenges students face in building writing and critical thinking skills, whose tools are used by thousands of educators around the world. Check out their FREE professional growth resources focusing on 21st century skills. #inquirers
  • Mathematics-focused Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed. Concordia University – Portland’s online M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction: Mathematics is designed for teachers in kindergarten through community college who want to enhance their content knowledge and skills in mathematics in order to increase student learning and understanding of foundational mathematics concepts. Find more details here#knowledgeable
  • Teaching Channel. Teaching Channel’s mission is to create an environment where teachers can watch, share, and learn new techniques to help every student grow. Teaching Channel’s community is all about getting better together, through the use of video and tools designed for teachers. The goal is to empower your growth, and that means your students will grow right along with you. #inquirers
    • Activating Prior Learning. Watch a lesson that asks English Language Learners to utilize various forms of “communicative functions” to prepare for deeper thinking. (video, 5:40)
    • Critiquing Reasoning = Rich Math Task. Critiquing the reasoning of others is such a powerful mathematical practice. Learn how one teacher used this task to help students learn more than just the content through engaging in real world skills — looking at the work of another person and deciding whether it works and how it connects. (blog)
    • Learning to Think. Teachers need to invest early on in the processes that make thinking explicit for learners. Helping students to make their thinking explicit will always create opportunities for autonomy later. This video lesson makes teaching the skill of analysis visible. (video, 15:38)
    • Think Time and Collaborative Learning. Students work independently before group work so each child has time to think and reason. (video, 2:19)

Reading: Articles and blog posts of interest.

  • 3 Ways to Start the Year Off Right. Starting the year on a successful note is essential for a year full of learning, memories and experiences. Read this post from ASCD EDge to review three ways educators can prepare for a successful year. #caring
  • Get Set, Goal! In this article you will read about how a teacher brought a technology into a classroom to make learning experiences more engaging and visual for students. #communicators #risktakers
  • Growth Mindset Made Visible. Why do some students thrive in the face of challenges, while others fall apart? One reason is because students have different beliefs about the nature of intelligence. These beliefs serve as lenses through which students interpret their experiences in school, particularly experiences of adversity. See what a growth mindset looks like in the classroom here. #caring #balanced
  • New Teacher Survival Guide. Countdown to Your First Year: Making Planning Manageable #knowledgeable #thinkers
  • Seeing Struggling Math Learners as ‘Sense Makers,’ Not ‘Mistake Makers.’ In this Mind/Shift blog post, David Wees, a former Math teacher and current Formative Assessment Specialist, shares how, as a Math educator, he moved from answering students’ questions to asking students questions that would push their thinking. Additional insights can be found on Wees’ blog, The Reflective Educator. #caring #inquirers
  • THE Journal. THE Journal is dedicated to informing and educating K-12 senior-level district and school administrators, technologists, and tech-savvy educators within districts, schools, and classrooms to improve and advance the learning process through the use of technology. Find THE Journal online here. Some articles of interest in the current online edition of THE Journal:
    • page 8, Is the “App-Mentality” Killing Students’ Creativity?
    • page 10, 3 Ways Mobile Technology is Transforming Learning Spaces.
    • page 26, 13 Keys to Successful Blended Learning
  • Your Back-to-School Backpack. Find great resources in the Teaching Channel’s very own Back-To-School Backpack. Find links to online content including ideas for classroom setup, classroom culture, and assessment. #reflective
  • We’re All Teaching the Common Core Math Standards. Just as we are all teachers of communication and the Common Core ELA Standards, this blog illustrates ways in which we can all be teachers of the Common Core Math standards. #knowledgeable

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