Approaching Teaching: Week of February 2, 2020

 What is your learning mission?

MISSION: Data Devotee

Learn and Earn

Making Student Success Visible. Join this free webinar Making Student Success Visible: How to Act on Growth Scores to learn how to determine whether students’ growth is adequate, what to do when growth falls below expectations, how to demonstrate growth to students, their families, and the wider community, and more. Tuesday, February 4, 3:00 p.m. EST / 11:00 p.m. AST. **Can’t make the webinar on this date/time? A recording will be sent to all that register, even if you don’t attend the live webinar.** Learn more. | Register.

Personalizing Learning. Granular data is only useful if you have the ability to do something with it. Here’s a look at how Istation’s automated tools are helping Vista Grande Elementary, in Rio Rancho, N.M., create personalized learning programs from data gathered on the Big Five reading components.

MISSION: Forward-Thinking Futurist

Human Connection. This op-ed is part of a series of reflections on the past decade in education technology. As the title asserts: the answer for schools Is not more technology. it’s teachers and human connection. (3 minutes)

Innovative Schools. In this article from ReDesigning High School, learn what innovative schools do differently. (4 minutes)

Skills for 2030. In this article from Getting Smart, read about ideas for building skills for 2030 now. (5 minutes)

MISSION: IB Programme Innovator


Higher Order Thinking. Is that higher-order task really higher order? Listen to this episode from Cult of Pedagogy podcast. (20minutes)


Boost Conceptual Thinking. In this article from edutopia, read about three ways to boost students’ conceptual thinking to support learning that endures. Conceptual thinking enables students to make sense of complexity now and in the future. (5 minutes)

Higher Order Thinking. Is that higher-order task really higher order? Read more in this blog post from Cult of Pedagogy (also available to listen to as a podcast). (14 minutes)

MISSION: Literacy Enthusiast


Read-Aloud in Middle School. The benefits of reading aloud aren’t limited to elementary students. In this blog post, one middle school teacher explains how “read-alongs” improve comprehension and boost engagement. (2 minutes)

MISSION: Master Teacher

Learn and Earn

Teacher Skills Forum. Register for the Teacher Skills Forum 2020 themed “Learning is fun. Why are kids bored at school?”, scheduled on 6-7-8 March, 2020 at the Queen Rania Teachers Academy – Amman, Jordan Learn more. | Register.


Cooperating versus Collaborating. In this episode of the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast, Steve looks at the difference between teacher cooperation and teacher collaboration. (13 minutes)

MISSION: Math Maven


Boosting Math Engagement. In this blog post, learn about a four-step approach to group work can get students talking and boost their mathematical and metacognitive thinking. (2 minutes)

What Students Know in Math. In this blog post learn how challenging problems with several paths to the solution encourage students to develop their understanding of mathematical concepts. (2 minutes)

MISSION: Teacher Leader

Learn and Earn

Ethical Leadership in International Schools. In this AAIE self-paced course, apply multiple leadership strategies to understand change effectiveness and enhance the change process, identify ethical decisions made in contexts of personal and cultural values and institutional precedents, and design a guide for ethical leadership for your international school. Learn more. | Register today for this on-demand, fully-facilitated, self-paced, online class.

Leading with a Coach Approach. Learn how to leading with a coach approach mindset to using teacher goal setting to tailor feedback to teachers, to building coaching skills and practice feedback conversations, and to prioritize getting into classrooms using time management strategies/tools. Expect to practice reframing judgmental feedback and addressing concerns and to learn strategies to transform your school into a team. February 21 – 22, 2020 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Learn more. | Register.

Women in Leadership Institute. Please join us for a transformational, perspective enhancing and strategy building institute to solidify your unique “women in leadership” skill set. You will highlight the ways to build self and organizational trust, psychological safety and empathy. In addition, you will identify the ways to practice self-reliance and self-care. April 3 –  4, 2020 at The International School of Amsterdam. Learn more. | Register.


Be More Coach-Like. In this blog post learn five ways to become more coach-like. (3 minutes)

Communicate Like a Leader. It’s no revelation that strong communication can set leaders apart. For the past ten years, Dave Bailey has been collecting techniques to more effectively communicating as a leader and shares his top findings with you here. (5 minutes)

Making (and Breaking) a New Leader. “The strongest teams realize the value and responsibility that everyone brings to the big picture.” Elizabeth Shassere offers an important reminder that the whole team is responsible for making or breaking a great leader. (4 minutes)

MISSION: Technology Trailblazer

Learn and Earn

Beyond Screen Time. This op-ed is part of a series of reflections on the past decade in education technology. The author proposes “better questions” to guide the use of technology with children in 2020. (5 minutes)

Tech Learning. ISTE U offers educators a curated set of engaging professional learning experiences on topics from AI to digital citizenship to OER. Spring sessions are filling up quickly, so register now to save your spot.

MISSION: University Degree

Learn and Earn

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership. Wilkes University’s low-residency Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership is designed for professionals seeking to transform the face of education. Through rigorous and relevant curriculum, which combines theory, applied research and interactive learning experiences, you will leave the program prepared to address the unique challenges faced in K-12, higher education or professional environments. The Ed.D. requires 60 post-master’s credits, including nine credits of dissertation. Attend three program residencies while participating in virtual class sessions and online learning. Learn more. | Apply.

Online Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. Wilkes University is pleased to partner with the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) to offer the Master of Science in International School Leadership. This 30-credit master’s degree program is offered through a completely online format, allowing you the flexibility to obtain your graduate degree in as little as two years. Learn more. | Apply.

Tuition-Free Master’s of Education. The IB has collaborated with the University of the People and launched a tuition-free, online Master’s of Education (M.Ed.) programme. The M.Ed. offers teachers and schools across the world an opportunity to further their careers, regardless of where they live and teach. Learn more. | Apply.

MISSION: Well-Being Wizard

Learn and Earn

Catching Happiness. Join this free webinar Catching Happiness: How to Work Through Burnout and Be a Joy-Filled Teacher to learn to catch happiness in every domain—social, career, physical/emotional, and financial, to counteract burnout, reduce anxiety, and skillfully navigate through seasons of depression, and much more! Tuesday, February 11, 2:00 p.m. EST / 10:00 p.m. AST. **Can’t make the webinar on this date/time? A recording will be sent to all that register, even if you don’t attend the live webinar.** Learn more. | Register.

Mental Health and School Community. Develop clinical skills and foster peer consultation as a means of developing support across schools and geography. Participate in an effective peer consultation group to address challenging cases you’ve managed. Develop en vivo social/emotional understanding of clinical engagement through an experiential group/learning model. March 31 – April 1, 2020 at the NESA Spring Educators Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Learn more. | Register.

Positive Education: The Science of Well-Being. A four-day extended learning certificate course. April 2 – 5, 2020 at the NESA Spring Educators Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Learn more. | Register.


Peaceful Classrooms. In this article from Psychology Today, find 10 tips to create, encourage, and support a peaceful classroom. (8 minutes)

Practicing Resilience. With a threat of pandemic in front of us, we agree that life can be difficult, cruel and relentless at times. There’s no prevention or preparation for what life has in store for you. What is in your power is how you cope with setbacks and overcome them. (3 minutes)

Self-Sabotage. In this blog post learn about why and how students disengage and self-sabotage. (5 minutes)

Supporting Each Other. Are teachers (or students) you work with struggling with negative emotions? Find some constructive support in this blog post from Choice Literacy. (6 minutes)


Stop, Breathe & Think. Stop, Breathe & Think is a free mindfulness and meditation app that allows users to check-in with how they are feeling and provides activities tuned in to their emotions. The app allows users to tune in to how they are thinking and feeling, and select emotions that guide them to recommended meditations. (~10 minutes)

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