Approaching Teaching: Week of September 20, 2020

 What is your virtual learning mission?

MISSION: Microsoft Master


Microsoft Ignite. Join Microsoft for their digital event experience on September 22-24, 2020. Hear the latest product developments and how to put them into action with guidance from Microsoft experts and your worldwide community. The future of tech is here—now, it’s time to learn how to make it work for you. Consult the session catalog to set your schedule. Register now.

Learn and Earn

Getting Started with OneNote. Learning is more powerful and dynamic with tools that are already right in front of you – and it’s up to educators to impress this on students in the classroom. In this learning path, educators learn how to create create digital notebooks that support academic standards and education outcomes across disciplines and tasks, such as writing, reading, mathematics, science, history, CTE, and elective courses. Students may use OneNote across content areas and grade levels, and use OneNote to compile and organize unstructured information, research, and content. OneNote also supports research, collaboration, information management, communication, note taking, journaling, reflective writing, and academic requirements. (1 hour)

Microsoft Educator Training. Learn and explore with training and resources, and earn badges and certificates on a personalized hub created for educators like you. Browse the full catalog of Microsoft Educator Center training courses.

Office 365 Teacher Academy. Office 365 provides the right environment for better learning outcomes. In this learning path, educators will learn how to become more innovative with cloud-based tools, regardless of the device they use. In this course, learn how to use basic features of Office 365 including Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Sway, Microsoft Forms, Office Online and OneDrive. (12 hours)


Flipgrid. In this blog post, learn several age-specific ideas for remote learning with Flipgrid. (1 minute) OneNote as a Digital Teacher Planner. Interested in switching to digital planner? In this blog post, a teacher shares their digital teacher planner and offers a free download for others to get started. (2 minutes)


How to Present Video & Content Side-by-Side In Microsoft Teams. In this instructional video, learn a handy trick that will allow you to present your screen content and webcam feed side by side, on top of each other, or however you want, in your Teams meeting. This is a game-changing life hack! (15 minutes)

OneNote. In this instructional video from Mike Tholfsen, learn how to assign and grade a OneNote Class Notebook page in Microsoft Teams. (7 minutes)

MISSION: Virtual Feedback Fanatic


Students Tracking Learning. In this blog post, the author shares ways in which students collate and track data on their learning during online learning. (2 minutes)

MISSION: Virtual Learning Designer


Learn and Earn

Designing for Online Learning Series. Over 35,000 people have taken Global Online Learning (GOA) courses in the Designing for Online Learning Series. Explore learning opportunities throughout September/October for deeper dives into student agency, assessment, wayfinding, and relationships. Open to all educators, $150 for each. Learn more. | Register.


Create a Staff Home Page in Teams. Watch this quick tip video on how to create a Staff Team home page using Microsoft SharePoint templates for education. Create an appealing and useful site to add as a tab in MicrosoftTeams. (10 minutes)

SlidesMania. Find a HUGE collection of FREE templates to create everything from digital notebooks to choice boards to weekly/yearly planners to lesson planners to virtual filing cabinets all using Microsoft PowerPoint (and Google Slides)!


MISSION: Micro-credential Mentor

Learn and Earn

FlipGrid Certification. Get FlipGrid certified! The first Flipgrid certification is Level 1: Flipgrid Certified Educator. At this level Flipgrid Educators have a basic understanding of Flipgrid based on their initial steps using the platform. Find out more here!

Women Who Lead. Women Who Lead is an opportunity created by women for women to explore their leadership potential. This self-paced course gives you access to the voices and experience of over 50 successful female leaders from around the world. When have you had the opportunity to learn from so many amazing women in one consolidated learning experience? Learn more today!

MISSION: University Degree

Learn and Earn

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership. Wilkes University’s low-residency Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership is designed for professionals seeking to transform the face of education. Through rigorous and relevant curriculum, which combines theory, applied research and interactive learning experiences, you will leave the program prepared to address the unique challenges faced in K-12, higher education or professional environments. The Ed.D. requires 60 post-master’s credits, including nine credits of dissertation. Attend three program residencies while participating in virtual class sessions and online learning. Learn more. | Apply.

Online Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. Wilkes University is pleased to partner with the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) to offer the Master of Science in International School Leadership. This 30-credit master’s degree program is offered through a completely online format, allowing you the flexibility to obtain your graduate degree in as little as two years. Learn more. | Apply.

Tuition-Free Master’s of Education. The IB has collaborated with the University of the People and launched a tuition-free, online Master’s of Education (M.Ed.) programme. The M.Ed. offers teachers and schools across the world an opportunity to further their careers, regardless of where they live and teach. Learn more. | Apply.  

MISSION: Virtual Learning Well-Being Wizard


5-Minute Chats with Students. Use this tool from The Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) to conduct personalized individual and small group social emotional check-ins to connect with your students. (5 minutes)

Elearning Day Planners. Check out these e-learning day planners to help your students organize themselves during virtual, hybrid, or face-to-face learning.

Mood Meter. Use the mood meter to take a quick temperature of a group during virtual learning experiences.

Teaching Tolerance. Teaching Tolerance webinars offer helpful guidance and great ideas from our experienced teaching and learning specialists and from innovative educators in the Teaching Tolerance community. Watch these FREE on-demand webinars at your own pace and share them with colleagues!

Trauma-Informed Strategies. Every member of a school staff has a role to play in creating an environment conducive to optimal teaching, learning and well-being. In this free webinar, you will learn how you can use existing school resources differently to foster resilience, a growth mindset and develop social-emotional skills. Watch the recorded webinar now.

Stop, Breathe & Think. Stop, Breathe & Think is a free mindfulness and meditation app that allows users to check-in with how they are feeling and provides activities tuned in to their emotions. The app allows users to tune in to how they are thinking and feeling, and select emotions that guide them to recommended meditations. (~10 minutes)


Being a Warm Demander. Judith Kleinfeld coined the term warm demanders when describing teachers who most successfully supported student achievement. In this blog post from Steve Barkley, learn how a teacher communicates caring and expectational beliefs in a way that most positively impacts student achievement. (3 minutes)

Understanding Adults. The complexities of helping adults include everything from Identity, to Status, to Motivation, and more. The more we understand these complexities, the better chance we have for coaching success. In this blog post, look at a free webinar with Michelle Harris on Understanding Adults. Check out the overview or watch it in its entirety for free.

Child Safeguarding Implications for Online Learning. While the surge in virtual learning due to COVID-19 will help to protect the well-being of students, institutions now face the additional challenge of how to protect students while they learn virtually. Read more about the implications in this blog post. (2 minutes)

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