Approaching Teaching: Week of March 9, 2019

 What is your learning mission?

MISSION: Feedback Fanatic


Improving Feedback. Listen to this podcast, learn seven strategies for improving student feedback.


The Feedback Fallacy. How can we encourage learning and productivity we elicit from others? This article, from The Harvard Business Review, sets out to help us understand the path to a more effective way of improving performance.
Telling people what we think of their performance doesn’t help them thrive and excel, and telling people how we think they should improve actually hinders learning.
Improving Feedback. Read this blog post, learn seven strategies for improving student feedback.
Response to The Feedback Fallacy. In this blog post, Jim Knight responds to The Harvard Business Review article shared above.
Why Am I Grading This? In this blog post, a teacher reflects on, and shares, a flowchart to help teachers think about the purpose of student work.

MISSION: IB Programme Innovator


A New Teaching Playbook. In this blog post two international educators propose that after 100 years of the same teaching model, it’s time to throw out the playbook.

Process vs. Product. In this blog post from Cult of Pedagogy, read more about why students should share their process, not just their product.

When Students Thrive. Read more in this IB blog about how to create the conditions for students to thrive.

Learn and Earn

Creating Cultures of Thinking. The 8 forces we must master to truly transform our schools with Dr. Ron Ritchhart, Senior Research Associate, Harvard Project Zero. March 29 – 30, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Learn more | Register.

MISSION: Literacy Enthusiast


Building Relationships with Books. In this blog post from Cult of Pedagogy, a first-year teacher shares how she builds relationships with students through books.

Fun Words. Two passionate reading teachers share some of their favorite books that have fun words. Read more here.

Igniting Student Writing. In this blog post from Middleweb, the author reflects on the importance of writing and how a tiny spark can ignite students to write.

We write for so many reasons, from practical to poetical. I want my students to embrace writing as a way of being human. Sadly, too many never fully realize the potential writing can bring to their lives. These children need a spark to ignite that passion, creativity, and awareness.

Shared Reading. In this blog post read about the joys of shared reading and why it should be part of every classroom’s daily literacy instruction.

Learn and Earn

Literacy Teaching and Learning: Aims, Approaches and Pedagogies. In the Coursera course offering, explore the social context and aims of literacy teaching and learning. The course takes has a ‘Multiliteracies’ perspective, which aims to expand the definition of literacy to encompass today’s multimodal communications, and the diversity of literacies across different social and cultural contexts. Enroll by March 10. 100% online. Learn more | Enroll.

MISSION: Mastery Learning Master


Cognitive Load Theory. Learn more about cognitive load theory and its implications for teaching and learning. Read more here.

MISSION: Math Maven


Reading Novels in Math Class. In this article from MindShift, learn more about how reading Novels in math class can strengthen student engagement.

MISSION: Teacher Leader


Every Teacher Needs a Coach! Jim Knight contends there is not better professional development than working with your very own personal growth coach. Working with an Instructional Coach is all about personal professional growth.The focus is on the goals of the individual teacher. Read more here…and then contact a coach!

Managing a Classroom. In the article from Edutopia, discover a key to effective classroom management. The author shares a three-phase process helps build strong teacher-student bonds, which can reduce disruptive behavior.

Learn and Earn

Self Regulation. In this free webinar with Dr. Richard Cash, learn more about self-regulation in the classroom and how it helps students learn how to learn. Learn more.

MISSION: Technology Trailblazer


Develop Your Personal Learning Network. In this post from The SharingPYP Blog, former AIS Kuwait music teacher, Levi Allison, shares how he has leveraged his Twitter presence to feel less isolated as a specialist teacher.

Learn and Earn

Assessing 21st Century Skills. This MOOC, offered by Coursera, is designed principally for practicing teachers who are wondering exactly how they can incorporate teaching and assessment of 21st century skills into their classrooms, labs or workshops. Learn more | Enroll.

MISSION: University Degree

Learn and Earn

Tuition-Free Master’s of Education. The IB has collaborated with the University of the People and launched a tuition-free, online Master’s of Education (M.Ed.) programme. The M.Ed. offers teachers and schools across the world an opportunity to further their careers, regardless of where they live and teach. Find out more here. Apply here to begin in 2019.

MISSION: Well-Being Wizard


Self-Care For Teachers. Check out this podcast focused on teacher wellbeing.

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